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by Dunkaroo Jan 20, 2018

First time buyer. Fast response time and very friendly

by john Jan 18, 2018

sold 1.1b was scary but paid straight away would recomend

by mattare Jan 17, 2018

I'm a returning customer. bought approximately 15 times through ezrs, & never had a problem one time . always quick and stress free. so for all first time buyers , choose this site I can guarantee its the top gold selling site out there

by Chris Jan 17, 2018

First-time Buyer, decided to test it out buying 7m on Osrs. Transaction was almost instant, less than 5 minutes. Will be coming back for more in the future.

by Jimbo Jan 16, 2018

sold 200m went smooth prolly use again

by Trey Jan 16, 2018

Amazing service quick responders ! Dope profile pic haha 10/10

by kane Jan 15, 2018

A+ fast and nice

by Sean Jan 15, 2018

Sold them over 200M! 100% trusted

by Z Jan 15, 2018

The best site out there, fast and easy, no issues

by imokox Jan 15, 2018

greate seller and going gold 100% greate job

by Jakob Jensen Jan 14, 2018

Sold 60m fast, thanks!

by Drew Jan 14, 2018

bought 1200m gold!! Delivery was fast and the price was outstanding!!! Will definitely use again!!

by Luis Jan 14, 2018

Made a lot of money off the site. Offers were great and legit and always on time

by Elvsmage1 Jan 13, 2018

Great service great responding time and excellent customer service!!!!!

by Jacob Jan 13, 2018

Quick, Easy, & Reliable. Great communication between customer support and the customer.

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