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by DonCheeto Aug 05, 2020

Fast service, legit, seller is very communicative. No personal details from me required. Will be back soon

by Infected Jul 28, 2020

Just got some gold. My purchase didnt go through. But they made sure I got it =) very fast. Deff will do it again

by Niall Jul 25, 2020

Great service, fast and really quick responses

by hrub Jul 24, 2020

very fast and nice!

by Jason Jul 23, 2020

Fast and easy! Do recommend

by Brenda Jul 19, 2020

Me And my husbands first time buying rs gold together and we were really worried it wouldnt work out right but this was sooooo fast. In less then 5 mins no hastle instantly told me where to go. Highly recommend 5/5 gonna buy again soon!

by Jack Jul 18, 2020

Very quick service

by Johndoe Jul 17, 2020

Fast, easy, discreet. Best service.

by James Jul 13, 2020

Sold my gold with Eric. It was very fast and smooth, he was very helpful and there was no issues. Would highly recommend ezrsgold!

by Princess Ivy Jul 07, 2020

Wow! This was my first ever purchase of Runescape goods outside the game itself, and it went so smoothly! Fast reply and trade! I am impressed.

by Joshua Miller Jul 04, 2020

Great service

by Lewis Jun 23, 2020

Rate this service, only ever used 1 before and I came to these people and they do what they say within 5 mins, thanks again

by Cole Jordan Jun 19, 2020

Quick and effortless transaction. The added bonus for using BTC was much appreciated. The entire process was done within 15 or so minutes. Would recommend.

by Rich Jun 19, 2020

Great service , very fast , easy purchase

by Marcos Jun 15, 2020

Quick, easy, and reliable, that’s all there is to this service.

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