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by cheesekraft2 Apr 19, 2018

Eric responded right away and the trade was done and money was in my paypal within 5 minutes. Will do again!

by matt Apr 18, 2018

thnx again eric.... legend and fast and easy... cheers

by north Apr 18, 2018

don't think Eric sleeps, always there and fast

by KKona Apr 18, 2018

Eric great as always, faster than the estimated time every single time. Bought before and will buy again!

by Mark Nadar Apr 18, 2018

Great service. Was fast and got everything I needed. Much appreciation.

by Rolo Apr 17, 2018

Eric is my homeboy, fast and easy every time fr love him and the site <3 A++

by kg Apr 17, 2018

never had any problems, best site in my opinion. friendly chat and good prices.

by runescaper32 Apr 17, 2018

thank you eric <3

by emp chld Apr 16, 2018

brought 50m near instant trade flawless.

by Ryan Apr 16, 2018

Great service! Fast and easy, will more than likely do business again!

by mark Apr 14, 2018

always reliable , use them every time , great website !

by yana Apr 14, 2018

best service and good price :)

by Chance Apr 14, 2018

Quick, efficient, and no waiting for the payout. Just the way I like to do business. I've gotten to the point where I only trust ezrs, because they're so professional, competitive and quick. And no, I'm not a shill. Just made lots of money from them lol

by blazin Apr 14, 2018

fast payment easy gold selling

by Randonizing Apr 13, 2018

always great service, good people here <3

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