Sell OSRS Gold for Real Money

Best place to sell OldSchool RuneScape Gold. Put in the amount of OSRS Gold you want to sell and see how much cash you will receive. Get paid by PayPal or Bitcoin.

How to sell your gold:

  1. Choose the desired payout method;
  2. Enter the amount you wish to sell;
  3. Click “Sell gold now”
  4. Fill in the details and press "Confirm order";
  5. Press the yellow "Start chat with support" button;
  6. Receive your payment instantly.

Is the gold in your bank becoming a burden? Have you already got everything there is that can be bought with gold and now there are piles upon piles of extra coins gathering dust in your bank account and you are afraid that that banker with that greedy look in their eyes might one day decide that they are done with just looking? Or maybe you need some extra cash and quick and your Old School RuneScape gold can be liquidized for this purpose?

You have come to the best place to turn your Old School RuneScape gold into real money whatever the reason might be. Our prices are competitive and our service time is enviable! That is partially because of our advanced order placing system with which we will familiarize you here.

How to sell your Old School RuneScape gold:

  1. Click “Sell RS gold” button
    It’s really hard to miss you will find it in the top of your browser screen or in the center of the index page.
  2. Enter how much gold you wish to sell
    Click on the dialog box and enter how much Old School RuneScape you wish to sell. You will also see how much we are paying at the moment for 1 million as well as how much you will get for the amount you wish to sell. If the system automatically corrects the amount of gold you entered into the dialog box, this means that you either entered less than the minimum amount we are purchasing or more.
  3. Click “Sell gold now”
    Once you have entered the amount you wish to sell, and chose your prefered payout method click “Sell gold now” button. You will be redirected to the checkout where you have to enter the account nickname and your email. Always double-check this information to avoid any unnecessary confusion and to make sure that the money is sent to the right person.
  4. Contact us via livechat
    After you have completed all steps in the checkout, click “Confirm order” button and then “Start chat” button. A chat with our 24/7 live customer support will open and they will give you the location and world in-game where you will trade. Do not close the chat until trade is completed.
  5. Get the paid
    Once the trade is complete we will issue the payment instantly. In most cases you will see the money in your account in under one minute after the trade! If it so happens, that the transaction seems to be taking too long, contact customer support and they will look into the reasons why.

*IMPORTANT* We will not add you on Old School RuneScape or contact you in-game in any way! If another player is telling you that they represent us and that you should give them gold or do anything else – it is a SCAM! We only communicate via the live support chat. Same goes for any suspicious emails you might receive and imposters on other communication channels!

*ALWAYS* double-check if the nickname given by our customer support exactly matches that of the account you are trading with! This is very important!

If you ever have any doubts or questions do not hesitate to contact live customer support on our website.

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