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Have you been playing hard for a long time and made millions of RS gold? Now you feel like having too much gold or even thinking about stopping to play RuneScape and looking where to sell gold? If you answered yes it means you are at the right place! We buy RuneScape gold for money.

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How to sell Runescape Gold:

  1. Press the Sell gold button.

    This button is located at the top of the page. It is the second option on your left.

  2. Know what kind of gold you want to sell.

    We are always buying OSRS and RuneScape 3 gold at best rates!

  3. Enter the amount of gold you want to sell.

    If you want to sell OSRS Gold use the first box and if you feel like selling RS3 Gold use the second one. Enter the amount of gold you want to sell. The amount has to be entered in millions. For example if you want to sell 9000k OSRS gold, all you have to do is type 9 in the first box.

  4. Click SELL GOLD NOW.

    A chat with our customer support will start immediately. We will give you an in game location and world where you will have to meet us to give us your gold. Feel free to ask them any questions you may have concerning the sale. They will guide you all the way until the trade is complete.

  5. Meet us in game.

    Once you have the world and location meet us in game and trade us the gold you want to sell. ALWAYS confirm the trade in the live chat so you know you are trading us!

  6. Get the money!

    After you have completed the trade confirm with the support agent your PayPal/BTC address and the money will be instantly transferred to your account. After you have received the money, feel free to leave us feedback. Thank you for choosing EZRSGold!

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