Rsgoldmine Review

If you are looking for information if you can trust Rsgoldmine, you came to the right place. This Rsgoldmine review will tell you all you need to know about this website. Most of this information is based on customer reviews or my personal observation of the website. All the information in this article is taken on the day it was written, so price comparison or payment methods may not be up to date, however, it will probably be pretty accurate regardless of when you read this review.

In this Rsgoldmine review you will learn:

How Rsgoldmine prices compare to other websites.

We will answer the question – is Rsgoldmine legit?

We will talk about Rsgoldmine verification process.

We will talk about all the fees they have when buying gold.

We will provide you with a cheaper alternative & Rsgoldmine coupon / discount code.

Rsgoldmine price reveiw

Before we go any further here is a small table comparing prices, payment methods and ID verification between Rsgoldmine and Ezrsgold. We will talk more on their fees in detail a bit later, as, like the payments they offer, it varies from country to country.








0% - 4%

0% - 25%

No verification payment methods



Lowest price per 1M OSRS Gold



Highest price per 1M OSRS Gold



Paypal accepted



Credit/debit cards accepted



Crypto currency accepted



24/7 customer support



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Is Rsgoldmine legit?

In short - Rsgoldmine is legit. They are based in Europe, they run under a registered company, however the price you see in their website will be different from the price you see at the checkout.

Some people also claim that Rsgoldmine asks for people to review their website before giving you the gold in exchange for money, so that’s not a good sign.

They don’t require you to verify yourself on a few payment methods, however, they will usually want to call you to confirm several details on your purchase.

Rsgoldmine review - pros and cons


Rsgoldmine has a good number of payment methods depending where you live

Rsgoldmine has a fairly easy verification process


Their fees are high and you may not be aware of them

Few payment methods for some countries

Works part time

Rsgoldmine coupon / discount code & alternative

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To sum up this Rsgoldmine review – your experience will depend on the country you live in. They may not be online whenever you are ready to buy gold and all the payment methods they offer to other countries may not be available to you. They also have a lot of hidden fees so watch out for that. However, they do have some good reviews and seem to have good reputation in the community.

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