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A must-read review of Rsgoldfast. If it’s your first time hearing about Rsgoldfast and you want to find out if this site is legit or if it’s a scam, you came to the right place. Here we will answer all of your questions and give a detailed view on everything they do, largely based on reviews from their clients.

What can expect from this review:

How do Rsgoldfast prices compare to other websites.

Is Rsgoldfast a scam?

Rsgoldfast client reviews.

What documents you need when buying from Rsgoldfast.

Is Rsgoldfast legit?

Safer alternatives to Rsgoldfast & Rsgoldfast coupon / discount codes.

Rsgoldfast price review

In the table below you can see a comparison of prices, fees, payment methods, number of payment methods that don’t require ID verification compared between Rsgoldfast and Ezrsgold. Information in this table is taken on the date this article was written.








0% - 4%


No ID verification payment methods



Lowest price per 1M OSRS Gold



Highest price per 1M OSRS Gold



Paypal accepted



Credit/debit cards accepted



Crypto currency accepted



24/7 customer support



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Is Rsgoldfast a scam?

To start of this review I have to mention that Rsgoldfast is a Chinese gold selling website. I’ve reviewed many Chinese gold selling websites and what they all have in common is a lot of bad customer reviews. This is mainly due to the fact that they usually gold farm their gold themselves, increasing the risk of customers getting banned, they also have bad customer support and customers deal with a lot of trouble if they want to get their money back.

Here’s the Rsgoldfast rating on one of the websites.

 Rsgoldfast customer review rating

Now these 7 reviews don’t say much, it’s very little. But what is concerning is a high volume of 1 star ratings in Trustpilot. A lot of people complain about the same things. Here’s one of the reviews.

Review made by rsgoldfast customer

Rsgoldfast makes it very difficult for clients to get their money back if they are not satisfied by the order processing. And most of the clients aren’t satisfied mainly because they don’t get any notifications that they will need to confirm their ID before they make a purchase.

That being said Rsgoldfast also has some positive reviews, so it’s not all bad, but the number of negative reviews is staggering.

Is Rsgoldfast Legit?

When I was doing my research I came across a lot of reviews made by customers that talk about the process of buying from Rsgoldfast. Almost all of their customers complained about the same thing – having to send in their ID documents and not being able to get a refund. Now, I have to say, that asking for your ID isn’t unheard of in the Runescape gold selling market, however, I believe, that if you are asked to provide an ID you should know about it BEFORE you make a purchase. Rsgoldfast asks for pictures of your ID after you pay, keeping your money as hostage.

 One of many legit reviews of rsgoldfast

Rsgoldfast review claiming that they scammer him

Rsgoldfast ha a lot of complaints in forums, due to their bad refund practices. It seems to take a long time before they are willing to make a refund. What’s scarier is that if you buy via Paypal and after they fail to deliver the gold you issue a refund, they will tell you to cancel the refund. If you do that, you will not be able to get your money back and they will be in full control of the situation, meaning that if you want to get the gold you will be forced to send in your documents. Here are a few complaints in the forums.

Rsgoldfast complaints by customers

I believe that some or all of these complaints have been resolved, however, at this moment Rsgoldfast has a trade with caution badge, due to poor trading practices that keep happening.

Rsgoldfast pros and cons


They accept paypal payments

Their prices are sometimes average


They don’t warn you about ID verifications

It is difficult to get a refund if you don’t collect your gold

A lot of negative reviews

Rsgoldfast alternatives & coupon / discount codes

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To summarize this review – rsgoldfast asks you to send them your personal information without warning you about it. It is difficult to get a refund if you don’t collect your gold. Their prices are sometimes okay and they have some positive reviews, but they also have lots of negative reviews. Trust them or not – it’s up to you.

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