Rpgstash review

Don’t know if Rpgstash is safe? Should you put your trust in Rspgstash? Is Rpgstash legit?
This review will answer all the questions you have about Rpgstash and will give you insight on the buying process from their customers’ perspective. This review is a MUST READ if you have not been in business with them before.

In this Rpgstash review you will learn:

How Rpgstash prices compare to other gold selling websites.

Is Rpgstash safe and legit?

What documents may be required to purchase gold?

What Rpgstash customers have to say about this website and is Rpgstash a scam?

Are there any cheaper / safer alternatives & Rpgstash discount code.

Rpgstash price review

Before we give you more information on this company we will show you how Rpgstash prices compare to Ezrsgold. This chart will also show various other features. Rpgstash seems to be THE MOST EXPENSIVE runescape goldshop I have ever seen. All this information was taken on the day this article was written.








0% - 4%

0% - 11%

No ID verification payment methods



Lowest price per 1M OSRS Gold



Highest price per 1M OSRS Gold



Paypal accepted



Credit/debit cards accepted



Crypto currency accepted



24/7 customer support



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Is Rpgstash safe and legit?

Rpgstash has been in the business for quite some time. They have been offering the worst possible prices ever since they started their shop. Their gold is always at least 20% more expensive than average, they pay way less for their gold when buying and their accounts are as much as 3 times more expensive than on other websites.

Max main account on their website without the additional payment fees added

Rpgstash legit price review

Max main account on Ezrsaccounts (no additional fees)

Ezrsaccounts account price compared to rpgstash

What documents you need?

One thing that may be concerning with Rpgstash is that they have a really long and complicated verification process when buying.

Here’s what one of their customers had to say about it.

rpgstash review by their customer

They claim that they have gold in stock when they don’t and the buying process may take way longer than expected. This kind of trading practice doesn’t seem too legit.

They also offer gold chests, a way to gamble on their website. You can win a lot of valuable prizes, but most of the time you get close to nothing. There are a lot of complaints from people about these boxes.rpgstash lootboxed arent fair

Is Rpgstash a scam?

When it comes to their Chests it may seem that what they are doing can be shady, and maybe it is. Here is what some of their clients have to say.rpgstash reviews by customers claiming they got scammed with lootboxes

There are countless reviews talking about how they got scammed using mystery boxes. This is mainly due to the fact that they claim that their mystery boxes don’t display properly. So they leave themselves a way to null your winning by claiming they had a bug in their system. It could be understandable if it was the first week of them offering these chests, but they have been selling them for a long time and adding new chests in and yet they don’t update their system.rpgstash reveiw - is it safe or outdated?

Rpgstash pros and cons


24/7 customer support


Highest price in the market
Few payment methods

Runescape Chests that don’t pay out winnings

Rpgstash coupon / discount code & alternative

If you want to save money and have an option to pay with a credit card or paypal I really recommend trying out Ezrsgold. Ezrsgold has been in the gold selling market since 2016, we offer many different payment methods and 24/7 customer support. We also have a lot of payment methods that don’t require you to verify your ID so you can feel safer when buying from us. You can see what customers have to say about us here – Ezrsgold reviews.

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To sum up this Rpgstash review – the prices they offer are terrible, they have very little payment options and the chests they sell will likely make you lose money. They do, however, offer 24/7 customer support and have been in the business for quite some time. Review also posted to reddit, feel free to comment there - Rpgstash reddit review.

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