Probemas review

If this is your first time hearing about Probemas and you’re doing your research before you buy gold – you came to the right place. I really recommend reading this Probemas review if you want to find out about this websites practices. This will help you decide if it’s worth buying from them.

We will tell you if Probemas is scam or legit.

We will compare prices so you can see if it’s worth buying from them.

We will answer the question – is Probemas safe.

We will tell you what documents you may be asked to send when buying from Probemas.

We will provide a cheaper alternative, coupon code/discount.

Probemas price reveiw

Before we go any further heres a small table comparing prices, payment methods and ID verification between Probemas and Ezrsgold.








0% - 4%


No ID verification payment methods



Lowest price per 1M OSRS Gold



Highest price per 1M OSRS Gold



Paypal accepted



Credit/debit cards accepted



Crypto currency accepted



24/7 customer support



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Is Probemas a SCAM?

Probemas has a good reputations on independent review websites and on forums & is a trusted gold provider.

Is Probemas legit?

All things considered Probemas is legit, however they have a few things they should fix. If you are looking for a coupon code to lower the price of your purchase you may consider asking their live support agent for some discount codes. If you do that, you will get this reply:

Is Probemas Legit? - Asking for review before purchase.

Their buying price displayed on site may be different from what they offer at the moment, but in all fairness the website says they pay UP TO that price.

You can see more Probemas reviews here.

Is Probemas safe?

Probemas is safe. They are a registered business, they accept various payment methods and they have a lot of customers. One thing to consider before buying is if you are comfortable sharing your personal information with this website. In their check out page they claim that they don’t ask for verification, however, once you make a purchase you may be asked to take a picture of yourself with your passport and a note that says Probemas. This is a common practice among gold sellers, but the problem is that in this case customers are not informed about it. If will be asked to send your ID and you refuse, it will take a few days to get your money back.


They may offer some payment methods that don’t require ID verification, but it’s not entirely clear, as they claim that they don’t ask for ID’s but then they do. With all these things in consideration it is best to ask live chat if you decide to make a purchase.  

Probemas review – Pros and Cons


Probemas has 24/7 customer support.

Probemas offers a lot of different payment methods.

They have a lot of customers and have been in business since 2013.


They may ask you to provide them with your personal information without a prior warning.

Probemas coupon / discount code

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To sum up this Probemas review – they are a registered business, they have 24/7 customer support, they may require you to verify your ID but I believe they are trustworthy. 

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