Food4rs review 2020

First time hearing about Food4rs? I really suggest reading this Food4rs review if you want to save money or if you want to make sure Food4rs is legit.

Bellow you can see how our prices compare.


*prices update every 6 hours

In this article you will find out if Food4rs is scam or legit.

You will see how their prices compare to Ezrsgold.

You will find out about the fees associated with the payment methods they offer.

You will learn how their ID & Card verification process works.

And we will offer you a coupon code if you decide to buy from us.

Before we get in to these things here is a quick graph showing how Food4rs compares to Ezrsgold



No ID verification payment methods



Paypal accepted



Credit cards accepted



Debit cards accepted



24/7 customer support



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What Food4rs reviews say about the company?

99% of their reviews are positive and they have over 5k reviews on trustpilot and over 8k reviews on their website.

Bellow you can see how our prices compare.


*prices update every 6 hours

Food4rs - scam or legit?

Food4rs is not a scam - they have been in business for many years and have thousands of happy customers. 

Food4rs price breakdown & fees.

Food4rs calculates fees at checkout, so the price you see on their homepage may not be the same as the price you will end up paying.

They have a few payment methods:

G2A pay - this payment method requires you to pay a premium in fees because you will not need to provide an ID when placing your order. With G2A you can use a credit/debit card & various other payment methods.

Paysafe - this payment method will allow you to pay with your credit/debit card. The fee is slightly lower than G2A, however, you will most likely need to provide them with a photo of your ID/Card before you can claim your order.

Coinbase - allows you to pay with Ethereum & Bitcoin, you get a 3% discount. If you pay with this payment method here at Ezrsgold we will give you 10% more gold with your order! 

Paypal - this payment method at times disappears from the list.

Food4rs discount coupon code.

If you want to give Ezrsgold a shot you can do so by buying gold with a coupon code provided below. We have been in the gold selling business since 2016. Yes, we are smaller than Food4rs, but because we are smaller we can offer lower prices, fast delivery and more attention to our customers’ needs.  We have more than 3000 positive reviews across different platforms and you can see our reviews here.

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Food4rs reddit review - scam or legit

It is difficult to leave reviews about gold shops on reddit, because you cant post it in the main Runescape or OSRS subreddits. So no information is taken from reddit.

Food4rs Pros and Cons


Food4rs has been in the business for many years.

They are one of the biggest gold sites in the market.

They have 24/7 customer support.

They have many payment methods.


The prices they offer may be slightly higher.

Fees at checkout.

With some payment methods you may be asked to send a picture of your ID and Card.

Is Food4rs Safe?

To summarize things - they have a lot of positive reviews and they're one of the biggest shops in the market. Most of their payment methods require you to send a picture of your ID and Credit card, however they do have payment methods that do not require you to verify your ID. If you want to save money we would love to provide you with cheaper gold when buying from Ezrsgold. Use code "Food4rs" and receive more gold with your purchase!

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