Food4RS review - SCAM or Legit

Food4rs review 2020

First time hearing about Food4rs? I really hope you will read this  Food4rs review before you make a decision that you really want to use their services.

In this article you will find out if Food4rs is scam or legit.

You will see how their prices compare to others.

You will find out about the fees associated with the payment methods they offer.

You will learn how their ID & Card verification process works.

And you will find a Food4rs coupon code if you decide you want to get more gold for the same price.

Before we get in to these things here is a quick graph showing how Food4rs compares to Ezrsgold. Information taken on 2020.04.15 .







0% - 4%

1.4% - 11.2%

No ID verification payment methods



Lowest price per 1M OSRS Gold



Highest price per 1M OSRS Gold



Paypal accepted



Credit cards accepted



Debit cards accepted



24/7 customer support



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Before we start here’s a little bit of information about Food4rs. They have been trading gold for quite some time and when they entered the market it caused a lot of outrage, as they were selling gold in unconventional ways and charging customers way more than anyone else.

Food4rs review in forums

Regardless of the steep gold prices they solidified their place in the Runescape market and have dropped their prices slightly since.

Right now they have a lot of customers, but with a lot of customers comes a lot of chaos, as their support agents don’t always seem to be able to provide quick service.

Food4rs scam review

food4rs legit review

They also require you to provide them with personal information and they do not inform you before your purchase.

food4rs not safe to buy

However, this verification process isn’t unheard of in the gold trading business, as there are a lot of people buying gold with stolen credit card information. For that reason Food4rs has a way to buy gold without verifying your ID but it’s very expensive and we will talk about it more in the Price breakdown  & fee section of this review.

Now from the previous pictures of customer reviews you may think that Food4rs is an illegitimate company, and I can assure you, it isn’t. It’s just that a lot of customers put pressure on customer support to keep up and sometimes it’s just too much for them. The verification process, like I said before, is common practice, however, if it’s your first time buying and you’re not informed about it you may not feel safe about sending some people on the internet a picture of your ID or credit card. They could at least warn you that you will need to provide these documents before the purchase. With all that said, Food4rs has a lot of reviews on Trustpilot and you can see them by clicking here.

Food4rs - scam or legit?

In short – Food4rs is not a scam. However, seeing how much more you pay for the same product and how shady their verification process may be, you may be put off of buying from them. Let me break down their prices.

Food4rs price breakdown & fees.

When you come to their website you may be thinking that youre getting a great deal, because the prices are discounted, however, the prices aren’t that good to begin with and in the checkout you will pay a lot of additional fees!

Here are the payment methods they offer and the fees/verification associated with these methods:

Paysafe4.4% fee, requires you to send a picture of your ID and Credit/Debit card.

PayOp4.4% fee + an additional fee in the check out! You will also need to send a picture of your ID and Credit/Debit card.

Coinbase – it states that theres a 3% discount, however, there is a 4.4% fee, so you end up paying 1.4% in fees.

G2A Pay11,2% fee!!! You don’t need to verify your ID for this method, but the fee is huge!

Food4rs discount coupon code.

If you want to save a lot of money on your gold purchases and stop paying huge fees we highly recommend trying out Ezrsgold. We have been in the gold selling business since 2016. Yes, we are smaller than Food4rs, but because we are smaller we can offer way lower prices, faster delivery and more attention to our customers’ needs.  We have more than 3000 positive reviews across different platforms and you can see our reviews here.

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Food4rs reddit review - scam or legit

It is difficult to leave reviews about gold shops on reddit, because you cant post it in the main Runescape or OSRS subreddits. For this reason I have also posted it on another reddit and you can see it here - Food4rs Reddit review.

Hopefully over time more people will come and comment on this website to show you a better view of the company.

Food4rs Pros and Cons


Food4rs has been in the business for many years, for that reason they have more reviews and more customers.

They are one of the biggest gold sites in the market.

They have 24/7 customer support.

They have many payment methods.


The prices they offer are higher than average.

High fees.

Longer delivery times due to higher volume of customers.

Most payment methods require you to send a picture of your ID and Card.

Is Food4rs Safe?

To summarize things I have to say that for the prices they charge they shouldn't be deemed legit, as they charge a premium for the exact same product. However, they have a lot of positive reviews and they're one of the biggest shops in the market. Most of their payment methods require you to send a picture of your ID and Credit card and for that reason it could be deemed unsafe. If you want to save money and not reveal sensitive information about yourself, I really recommend buying gold from Ezrsgold. Use code "Food4rs" and receive 5% more gold with your purchase!

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