Frequently Asked Questions

How to buy Runescape Gold?

Place an order with the amount of gold you want to buy and pay for it using your chosen payment method. Right after ordering contact our 24/7 Live Support representatives and get your gold immediately. Please keep in mind we may ask you to send us a photo of your ID document to confirm your identity.

How fast do you deliver Runescape Gold?

Once your payment is processed, we deliver gold instantly! 98% of orders are delivered within 3 minutes. However, if due to some circumstances we were not able to deliver your gold in this period of time, you can ask us for a refund and you will be fully refunded!

What payment methods are accepted?

We accept  Bitcoin, Skrill, Western Union, Credit & Debit Cards. If you want to use any of these payment methods, please contact our 24/7 Live Support representatives and they will provide you with all necessary information.

How do I get my gold?

Once you paid for your RS Gold, get in touch with our Live Support representatives. They will tell you the world and the in-game location. Once you’re there we will trade you and give you the gold you purchased.

Do I need to provide any documents to buy gold?

It is quite common that we ask for a copy of a government issued ID document (identity card, driver license, passport) to confirm your identity. We want to prevent buyers from using stolen PayPal accounts. All your personal information maintains confidentiality.

How do I confirm my identity?

As soon as you start chatting with our 24/7 Live Support simple click "Options" button at the bottom of the chat and then choose "Attach a File". Send us a picture of your ID and then you will be given the gold you bought.

Can I get banned?

We can confirm none of our customers got banned for purchasing RS gold from us in our 3 years practice! This only happens when you buy gold which is obtained by breaking in game rules. People who sell this kind of Rs gold are usually scammers in various botting forums. The gold we sell is earned by our employees and other determined runescape players.

Why should I trust you?

We have been in the Runescape business for over 3 years and we look at it very seriously. We have more than 15,000 satisfied customers and this number is growing every day. Recently we also started using forums to sell more osrs and rs3 gold, as well as providing oldschool runescape questing and minigame services and we can link you to our Sythe or Powerbot profiles where you are able to see our feedback!

How Runescape Quest & Minigame Services work?

All you have to do is add our Quest & Minigame service representative on Skype and order the services you want directly from him. As soon as you paid him rs07 gold in-game, he will start working on your order. It usually takes between 1 and 2 days depending on how many quests or minigames you order. Our chat representative will inform you how much time it will take him to complete your order before you pay. All osrs quests and minigames are done by hand. We guarantee 100% manual service.

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