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Full version of OSRS Mobile has been launched not too long ago, but with open and closed betas it has been nearly six months now. Full launch has brought much excitement among players as well as a lot of players themselves, both green and seasoned veteran. And all of these players have their perspective on the game.
Old School RuneScape is receiving a new hot feature! If you thought raids were cool, check out this – warding, a new SKILL introduced into OSRS. Unlike your typical content addition, which can be viewed as a new brick in the OSRS house, this is a brick that fills in a gap should have been there all along!
All of you farmers out there raising dragons know that pet dragons are not the only cool thing about player-owned farms! Behold, the master farmer outfit, which does not only look stunning, but also provides great bonuses, bonuses which will allow you to raise even more dragons!