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Want to hop in on an adventure but lack the funds to do so? Is your level 123 friend not helping you out with a quick fix of old school runescape gold? No more begging, no more skipping an adventure just because your pockets are empty! We'll introduce a couple easy ways to earn tons of runescape gold and you'll never have to worry about your runescape finances again.
Winter is here and so is The Christmas Event bringing all that good winter stuff into the realm. Waiting to get some presents from Santa? Wait no more, you will have to come and earn it. Lets get some of that Christmas action going! Have fun! And grab some presents from Santa while you are on it.
1st infernal cape in OSRS by Woox

1st infernal cape in OSRS by Woox

Posted in News on Jun 03, 2017
1st Infernal Cape in Old School Runescape by Woox! The first player to ever get an Infernal cape. Hopefully soon he will create an Inferno guide so regular Runescape players like you and me can have a chance of getting it.